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Disability and Critical Illness insurance

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Flexible and affordable insurance can help you take care of your family, pay your mortgate, and put food on the table, if you become too sick or injured to work.

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Disability insurance

Pays you monthly if you become too sick or injured to work. Conditions that may prevent you from working include depression and anxiety, cancer, diabetes, stroke, severe back pain, amongst others.

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Critical illness insurance

Pays you a lump sum if you become diagnosed with a covered condition like cancer, heart attack, or stroke.

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Do I really need
income protection insurance?

Whether you fix shoes or fill cavities, having regular income is important. Get insurance that lets you continue earning if an injury or illness prevents you from working.


Canadians live paycheque to paycheque and would be severely financially affected if an injury or illness prevented them from working.


Canadians will be out of work for more than 90 days as a result of an injury or illness.


Is the average income that a Canadian will lose if they become too sick or injured to work, and do not have income protection insurance.

Can I afford income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance will cost around 1-3% of your yearly income. There are several factors that will affect pricing. Our licensed insurance experts can help you find the right insurance for your budget.


Insurance will more likely be expensive if you have a dangerous job.


Income protection insurance will be more affordable when you are younger.


The cost of insurance will be lower if you are in good health.

Coverage Amount

The more coverage that you recieve, the higher the monthly cost for insurance.

Benefit Period

It will cost more for insurance the longer you want to recieve monthly payments.

Waiting Period

Insurance will be less expensive if you wait longer to recieve payments.

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