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About Bounc3

We exist to ensure that all self-employed Canadians have easy and affordable access to the insurance that protects themselves, the people they love, and the businesses they've hustled to build.

Our Offering

Bounc3 offers self-employed Canadians several things.

  1. Access to targeted and high quality information from licensed brokers that helps self-employed Canadians make good decisions on which insurance products to purchase.
  2. Access to the insurance products, from reputable Canadian insurance carriers, which are most suitable for self-employed workers.
  3. A fast and easy digital process to get quotes, and apply for, insurance products.

Founder Story

Dr. Olga Morawczynski's entire career has focused on one goal — to improve the financial health of people across the world, and to leverage the power of techology to do so. She has worked in the slums of India, small villages in Africa, and the crowded markets of South East Asia, to design and scale financial services that have reached millions, and led to major improvements in their financial health.

A few years ago, Dr. Olga returned to Canada, and saw the immense need to improve the financial health within her own backyard. At the time, she was a self-employed Consultant, and recognized how hard it was to get tailored advice, and find suitable financial products, especially insurance, being self-employed. She decided to take her experience, and passion of improving financial health, and focus it on building Bounc3 — the insurance platform for self-employed Canadians.

Self-employed Canadians have been grossly ignored by the financial sector. We need to pair quality financial products, with stellar advice, to ensure that all self-employed Canadians are effectively served

- Dr. Olga Morawczynski,
Founder & CEO @ Bounc3

Dr. Olga Morawczynski

Dr. Olga also has a PhD in digital finance, and is a licensed insurance broker in Ontario. She has worked with major international players to improve financial health, including the World Bank, United Nations, and Mastercard Foundation.