The personal insurance you need when running a small and growing business

As a business owner, an injury, illness or premature death, can be financially devastating, not only for your family but also for your business.

The insurance listed below can protect you, and your hustle. Compare quotes from major insurance providers, and apply online for coverage, in just a few minutes.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

An HSA is ideal for small, and growing, businesses who are looking for affordable ways to offer health and wellness benefits to employees. 

HSAs provide business owners with cost certainty. You know up front how much you will spend on benefits each year. If your employees make no claims, the business isn't out-of pocket anything.

Employees can choose exactly how to spend their plan dollars, providing much more flexibility than traditional health insurance plans, and making HSAs a great staff retention tool. Learn more.

Risks covered 

High cost of employee benefits

Term life insurance

Term life insurance provides a tax-free and lump sum amount that can be used to cover your outstanding debts, or to replace your income. As a business owner your life insurance policy can either be personally or corporately owned.

If it is personally owned, the policy can help your family maintain their standard of living in case of your premature death. If it is corporately owned, the policy can cover the costs of finding a new owner, recuperate business losses, or be used in buy-sell agreements. Learn more.

Risks managed

Loss of life.

Critical illness insurance

This insurance pays a lump sum if you were to be diagnosed with an illness. This lump sum can be used to supplement you income, cover any out of pocket costs of treatment, or to go on a groovy vacation when you conquer your illness. 

The lump sum payout can also be used to cover some of your recurring business expenses, such as rent, loans, or leases, or to hire a temporary manager to run your business in your absence. Learn more.

Risks managed 

Inability to run your business, critical illness.

Disability insurance

A disability is any condition that prevents you from working such as an injury resulting from an accident, or a debilitating long-term illness like heart disease, cancer, diabetes or depression.

There are two types of disability insurance policies which small business owners should consider: the first replaces a portion of your personal income if you are unable to work. The second covers your business overhead expenses, such as rent, salaries, property taxes, loan interest, if you are unable to work and generate revenue for your business.

Risks managed 

Inability to work, critical illness. Learn more.

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